L I F E.2018
/*Business Development Manager, Scrum Master, Software Quality Assurance Engineer,
Technical Recruiter, Technical Project Manager, Server-side applicator, Apps and
Sites Optimizer, High-level Computer Programmer, UI-UX of apps and games
designer, Angel investor*/
Print *name [“Syed Faisal Shah”];
{contact: “@” (callto: +1(703)539-7183), (email: faisaly2k1@gmail.com);}
- (experience)Business.Development.Manager {@total *years = [5];
[profile.upwork click here];
[recent sale.to Google: @"2015 Chelsea NYC click here"];}
- (experience)Software.Quality Assurance.Engineer {@total *years = [6];
[technology.stack = New Relic, CircleCi, Jenkins, GitHub, Canary, qTEST];}
- (experience)Technical.Recruiter.Project Manager {@total *years = [4];
[technology.stack = Trello, GitHub, Dropbox Paper, Atlassian Stack, Scrum];}
- (experience)Server side.Applicator.Securtiy Manager {@total *years = [2];
[technology.stack = npm, PARSE, AWS, IBM WATSON, LINUX, Windows Server 2012];}
- (experience)Apps Store.Applicatons.Search Engine Optimziation {@total *years = [3];
[technology.stack = Custom SEO Engine, Medium back linking, Black Hat, Ads, Luck];}
- (experience)Computer Programmer.Mobile Developer.Full Stack {@total *years = [20];
[profile.upwork click here];
[technology.stack = Python, PHP, Objective-C, Swift, AngularJS, WPF, Unity3D, C++];}
- (experience)Interface Designer.3D Artist.General Animator {@total *years = [10];
[profile.deviant-art click here];
[technology.stack = Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, inVision, Audition];}
// Recent Work Experience:
name.business = ('Merchant Account Solutions'); role.since = ('Chief Technology Officer' , 2015);
// Ai Portfolio: history.log("2 years"); result.Vimeo = SFS-ds.url('click here');
// Sum-up Portfolio: history.log("19 years"); result.Dropbox = iamsfs.url('click here');
// Social Links: user.id = LinkedinInfo.get('click here') + FacebookInfo.get('click here');
Education(degree, year) {
if (!degree) {
life.log('Intermediate! in 1998');
response.success("Thanks if you ignore this drawback!");
} else {
life.log('Oops! This wasn’t you were looking for' + error);
response.error('Its ok, I can understand');
I hope you enjoyed reading this CV as I have enjoyed writing it. This is just a quick
note telling that I have what it got to get the Job done. No matter how big or small
the task is, I always believe in smart working. I’ll close my argument with my saying;
A Wise Man in the Mirror told me:
It's easy to give up and find more work and u will, but that will be just another work and u will be one
of many who can do it. If u want to standout then stand up and finish what u started.